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Introducing our new VIRTUAL ACADEMY

With the extension of mandated school and business shutdowns, as well as continued strict social distancing measures, beyond the initially stated April 6th, we would like to inform you that we will continue to offer you world class tutoring, right from the comfort of your own home! Starting next week we introduce our new online tutoring platform, the VIRTUAL ACADEMY. First, we wish to emphasize how very important it is that our students continue to stay sharp, motivated and have a sense of structure during this critical time of extended school closures. Without the benefit of full-time teacher instruction, it is well known that students will experience a loss of skill and knowledge, commonly known as Brain Drain. This is something we have to make sure our students do not experience in our ever-growing competitive academic world. Our students must remain our first priority! How Will We Make That Happen? 1. LIVE ONLINE 2-WAY video conferencing at your scheduled class times (more details about exact launch timing soon!). We are using Zoom technology, the same platform used by many major universities, such as Harvard University. 2. Full remote access to our proprietary online curriculum and all the same support materials and worksheets as before. 3. Dynamic, interactive whiteboard technology - allows your tutor to write on an online digital whiteboard, just as easily as writing on a piece of paper in person. 4. We will provide the exact same tutoring method you experienced while in the Academy - except ONLINE in a private virtual classroom, with an attentive, live expert tutor assigned to your child - to teach, guide and help every step of the way. 5. Full oversight and monitoring of every session by your Academy Director, as always! We are replicating what you have always experienced and valued in our physical Learning Centre environment - world class tutoring - but now delivered online, right to your home! Having a regular learning routine, with a live tutor, will keep your child focused and motivated providing a sense of normalcy in these unstable times! Together, we can not only overcome the challenges ahead - but ensure that your child will be thriving after these very uncertain times end! We plan to begin next week, please get back to us in order to set up the schedule. Let’s get started !

To Our Valued Academy Families - we are planning to re-open on April 6th

Please be advised that the Tower Hill Academy for Mathematics & English March Break closure will be extended for an additional 2 weeks, now re-opening on April 6. As usual during any Academy closure, all lessons will be saved for use at any other time in the future. The reason for our extended closure is that we cannot completely prevent those who have traveled for March Break from attending lessons. Health officials have recommended that any individual who has traveled should self quarantine for a period of 14 days. The safety of our families has to take first priority over all else. For this reason, we have decided to close for the recommended 14 day quarantine period suggested by health officials. We wanted to let you know that for the safety of our students, parents, staff and the entire community, the Academy is currently exploring ways to conduct classes virtually in the coming weeks for the students who would like to work diligently on remote, live tutoring sessions. Prior to March Break and when we re-open on April 6, our Academy will follow a strict cleaning protocol before and after each teaching session, as follows: (1.) Students and instructors will use hand sanitizer available throughout our facility before starting their session. (2.) All surfaces, learning tools and writing instruments are sanitized before and after each learning session. (3.) Instructors and students who are showing any signs of illness are asked not to enter the Academy and anyone with signs of illness will be sent home immediately. (4.) Parents are to notify the Academy if their students have recently traveled so they can stay home with their hours being saved for later use. Our closure is voluntary and due entirely to the fact that, should we remain open, we would not be able to completely prevent those who have traveled for March Break to stay home. After the 14 day quarantine period is complete, we would like to re-open on April 6 with the protocol described above in effect. We promise to keep you informed on further developments as things crystalize. Our plan is to reopen our doors as soon as it is safe to do so. Be safe and we at the Academy wish you all good health and well-being! Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation.